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Although the HattersMatters website has been online since 1999 it is only in recent years that we have decided to focus our attentions on creating an online database to show details of Stockport County’s history such as past and present players as well as match information (line ups and statistics) from games played in our history. Hopefully it has been a useful source of information for Stockport County and football fans across the world – the top five visitors to the site come from Great Britain, the United States, France, India and Germany.

There are annual costs to keep this website online (domain names and website hosting) as well as ongoing costs to develop the website (behind the scenes coding) as we are adding new features all the time. In 2020 a scanner capable of scanning A3 size pages was purchased because a standard A4 sized scanner was unable to scan double pages from the programmes we have been uploading.

We are currently looking for assistance with the running costs so if you want to make a donation then you can through PayPal by clicking the below link:

The biggest outlay for the website is the annual hosting. By the end of the 2020/21 season Stockport County’s first team had played over 5,500 competitive matches and had used over 1,800 players. Because our website shows various bits of information about those matches and players the size of the database is pretty big – this means that using a basic hosting package isn’t an option.