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Arthur Aaron (view profile), Lol Abram (view profile), Alec Acton (view profile), Damien Allen (view profile), George Allman (view profile), Paul Alsaker (view profile), Charlie Amery (view profile), Willie Andrews (view profile), Jimmy Angus (view profile), Jack Angus (view profile), George Armstrong (view profile), Chris Armstrong (view profile), Smart Arridge (view profile), Jackie Arthur (view profile), Armour Ashe (view profile), Jack Ashley (view profile), John Ashley (view profile), Len Ashworth (view profile), Joe Ashworth (view profile), Mansour Assoumani (view profile), Geoff Aunger (view profile), Tom Axon (view profile), Chris Baggeley (view profile), Tommy Bagley (view profile), H Bailey (view profile), Neil Bailey (view profile), ? Ball (view profile), Alan Barber (view profile), Robert Barclay (view profile), Edwin Bardsley (view profile), Len Barker (view profile), John Barker (view profile), Arthur Barlow (view profile), Harry Barnes (view profile), Sam Barnes (view profile), JW Barnes (view profile), Louis Barrett (view profile), Samuel Basford (view profile), Paris Bateman (view profile), James Bates (view profile), Mark Battersby (view profile), Stuart Baxter (view profile), ? Baxter (view profile), Edward Beasley (view profile), T Beasley (view profile), Peter Bebbington (view profile), Harry Beech (view profile), Dave Beharall (view profile), Glenn Belezika (view profile), Nyal Bell (view profile), Wes Benjamin (view profile), E Bentley (view profile), Kent Bergersen (view profile), Bill Berry (view profile), F Berry (view profile), James Burtenshaw (view profile), George Best (view profile), Joseph Beswick (view profile), John Bingham (view profile), Joe Birchenall (view profile), Peter Bircumshaw (view profile), Alan Birch (view profile), Joe Birds (view profile), Andy Black (view profile), Dr. Thomas Blades (view profile), Jimmy Blair (view profile), Harry Blears (view profile), Bobby Blood (view profile), John Blunt (view profile), L Blyth (view profile), Bill Bocking (view profile), Harold Bodle (view profile), Billy Bolton (view profile), Sam Bond (view profile), David Booth (view profile), A Booth (view profile), J Booth (view profile), Joseph Bostock (view profile), Nabil Bounab (view profile), Jack Bowles (view profile), Michael Bowler (view profile), Gary Brabin (view profile), Clifford Bradley (view profile), Lee Bradley (view profile), N Bradley (view profile), Harry Brazel (view profile), Grant Brebner (view profile), Bryan Brennan (view profile), Thomas Brennan (view profile), Roger Bridge (view profile), Jock Bridge (view profile), F Bridge (view profile), A Brierley (view profile), John Briggs (view profile), Keith Briggs (view profile), Tommy Brittleton (view profile), Sammy Brittleton (view profile), Peter Broadbent (view profile), Thomas Brookes (view profile), Ned Brooks (view profile), Harry Broome (view profile), Maurice Brooke (view profile), Tony Brooks (view profile), Johnny Brookes (view profile), Ian Broomfield (view profile), Nicky Brookman (view profile), Ernie Broomfield (view profile), William 'Rimmer' Brown (view profile), J Brown (view profile), Henry Brown (view profile), Norman Brown (view profile), Kyle Brownhill (view profile), Billy Brown (view profile), William Brown (view profile), Thomas Bryden (view profile), Fredrik Bryngelsson (view profile), Amby Buckley (view profile), Ian Buckley (view profile), Sam Bullock (view profile), Steve Bullock (view profile), William Bunce (view profile), Harry Bunner (view profile), Joe Bunney (view profile), Fred 'Ike' Burden (view profile), George Burgess (view profile), Harry Burgess (view profile), Ernest Burgoyne (view profile), Arthur Burrows (view profile), Arthur Burrows (view profile), Joe Butler (view profile), Tommy Butterworth (view profile), Len Butt (view profile), J Butterworth (view profile), Des Byrne (view profile), Michael Byrne (view profile), David Byrom (view profile), Paul Cahill (view profile), Arthur Caldwell (view profile), Joel Cantona (view profile), Phil Carratt (view profile), Brian Carrigan (view profile), Adam Carson (view profile), Ian Cartwright (view profile), Andy Cassidy (view profile), Harry Catterick (view profile), Arthur Causer (view profile), Luis Cavaco (view profile), Edward Cawley (view profile), Alf Chadwick (view profile), Thomas Challinor (view profile), Eddie Chapman (view profile), John Chapman (view profile), Sid Chappell (view profile), Kiko Charana (view profile), W Childs (view profile), Phil Chisnall (view profile), William Chivers (view profile), Tom Chorlton (view profile), Chris Churchman (view profile), Ben Chu-Say (view profile), Adnan Cirak (view profile), William Clarke (view profile), Roy Clarke (view profile), Peter Clarke (view profile), Rob Clare (view profile), ? Clibborn (view profile), Bill Cockburn (view profile), Andy Cockhill (view profile), John Coddington (view profile), H Coghlan (view profile), Tony Coleman (view profile), Nick Colgan (view profile), Roger Collinson (view profile), Wayne Collins (view profile), Barry Conlon (view profile), Herbert Connell (view profile), Michael Connelly (view profile), John Connor (view profile), Sean Connelly (view profile), Joe Connor (view profile), Paul Connolly (view profile), Mike Connolly (view profile), Albert Cook (view profile), Walter Cook (view profile), ? Cooke (view profile), Harry Cooper (view profile), Paul Cooper (view profile), Chris Coward (view profile), Dan Cowan (view profile), Adam Cowen (view profile), David Cox (view profile), E Coxon (view profile), Tony Coyle (view profile), John Coyne (view profile), Thomas Craig (view profile), Ian Craney (view profile), Joe Craven (view profile), Herbert Crawford (view profile), Dick Crawshaw (view profile), Cyril Crawshaw (view profile), James Crawford (view profile), Geoff Crosby (view profile), Mike Cross (view profile), Ryan Crowther (view profile), John Cuffe (view profile), Jim Cunliffe (view profile), Charles Cunningham (view profile), Tom Curry (view profile), Ean Cuthbert (view profile), Szymon Czubik (view profile), Mike Czuczman (view profile), Jon Daly (view profile), Charlie Danskin (view profile), Cameron Darkwah (view profile), Peter Davenport (view profile), G Davies (view profile), Seymour Davies (view profile), Wyn Davies (view profile), Jack Davies (view profile), Arthur Davison (view profile), Raymond Davies (view profile), R Dean (view profile), Billy Devlin (view profile), Liam Dickinson (view profile), Gary Dicker (view profile), H Dickenson (view profile), Connor Dimaio (view profile), George Dingwall (view profile), J Dixon (view profile), ? Dixon (view profile), Milton Dixon (view profile), Ludovic Dje (view profile), Albert Donbavand (view profile), F Doncaster (view profile), John Donnelly (view profile), W Dooley (view profile), Walter Dowdall (view profile), Edwin Downie (view profile), Jordan Downing (view profile), Ray Drake (view profile), J Duckworth (view profile), John Duddy (view profile), ? Dunn (view profile), Scott Duxbury (view profile), Ray Dyer (view profile), Jack Earp (view profile), John Easdale (view profile), Stan Eastham (view profile), Joe Easthope (view profile), Sam Eaton (view profile), ? Eaton (view profile), Mike Eckersall (view profile), Declan Edwards (view profile), Joseph Egerton (view profile), Bobby Elgin (view profile), Danny Ellis (view profile), Tom Elliott (view profile), Jack Ellis (view profile), Dean Emerson (view profile), Albert Emptage (view profile), Paul Ennis (view profile), J Entwistle (view profile), John Essex (view profile), Adam Etches (view profile), Tommy Evans (view profile), Ron Evans (view profile), Johnny Evans (view profile), John Evans (view profile), Jack Evans (view profile), Stephen Fagan (view profile), Les Fallows (view profile), John Fantham (view profile), Craig Farnaby (view profile), George Farrow (view profile), Donald Fenner (view profile), James Ferguson (view profile), Frank Ferries (view profile), Tom Field (view profile), J Finnegan (view profile), Tom Fisher (view profile), Stuart Fitzsimonds (view profile), Jack Flaherty (view profile), Harry Fletcher (view profile), Ernest Fletcher (view profile), Jimmy Fletcher (view profile), Ken Fogarty (view profile), Charles Foley (view profile), Alfred Forrest (view profile), C Forrester (view profile), Joe Foster (view profile), Jack Foster (view profile), Liam Foster (view profile), Karim Fradin (view profile), Kevin Francis (view profile), J Francis (view profile), Ryan Fraughan (view profile), Jimmy Freeborough (view profile), William Froehlich (view profile), Jim Fryatt (view profile), Tommy Gale (view profile), Tommy Galloway (view profile), Brian Gallagher (view profile), ? Gallie (view profile), Chris Galvin (view profile), Claude Garfoot (view profile), Fred Garratt (view profile), Joe Garvin (view profile), George Gaskell (view profile), Charlie Gee (view profile), R Gennoe (view profile), Eddie Gettins (view profile), Billy Gilbert (view profile), Allan Gilliver (view profile), Tom Gilmour (view profile), W Gittins (view profile), Ronnie Glavin (view profile), Bev Glover (view profile), Keith Goalen (view profile), Arthur Goddard (view profile), Dick Godwin (view profile), R Godwin (view profile), James Goodwin (view profile), Ralph Goodwin (view profile), Freddie Goodwin (view profile), Jimmy Goodfellow (view profile), Jim Goodwin (view profile), William Gorrie (view profile), James Gotheridge (view profile), Tom Gould (view profile), Joseph G Graham (view profile), Joseph W Graham (view profile), Peter Grant (view profile), Stephen Grant (view profile), Arthur Green (view profile), Joseph Green (view profile), Danny Gregson (view profile), E Grewcock (view profile), Albert Griffin (view profile), Jimmy Griffin (view profile), James Griffiths (view profile), Doug Griffiths (view profile), Danny Griffin (view profile), Joe Griffiths (view profile), Arthur Groves (view profile), Ron Guy (view profile), Jordan Hadfield (view profile), Tommy Hall (view profile), Brian Halliday (view profile), Andy Halls (view profile), Billy Halligan (view profile), Charles Hamilton (view profile), Michael Hampson (view profile), Frederick Hancock (view profile), Tony Hancock (view profile), Glynn Hancock (view profile), Connor Hancock (view profile), Harry Hancock (view profile), William Harding (view profile), Billy Hardy (view profile), Harry Hardy (view profile), Neil Hardy (view profile), Robert Haresnape (view profile), Mike Harold (view profile), Thomas Harrison (view profile), Edward Harries (view profile), Charlie Harrison (view profile), James Harrison (view profile), Thomas Hartley (view profile), Paul Hart (view profile), C Harthill (view profile), Ben Harvey (view profile), Fred Haslam (view profile), Charles Haslam (view profile), William Haughton (view profile), Gianluca Havern (view profile), ? Hawes (view profile), Billy Haydock (view profile), Billy Hayes (view profile), ? Heald (view profile), Dick Hegarty (view profile), Tom Hegarty (view profile), Brian Heginbotham (view profile), Petri Helin (view profile), Phil Henson (view profile), Tommy Henshaw (view profile), Alex Herd (view profile), Dennis Herod (view profile), Joseph Hewitt (view profile), Bert Heyes (view profile), Charles Heyes (view profile), Jacob Hiftle (view profile), Tommy Higson (view profile), S Hill (view profile), Ben Hinchliffe (view profile), Bernie Hirmer (view profile), Ken Hodder (view profile), John Hodgkinson (view profile), Derek Hodgkinson (view profile), Dennis Hoggart (view profile), Euan Holden (view profile), Butcher Hollingworth (view profile), David Holland (view profile), Carl Holmes (view profile), Kevin Holsgrove (view profile), David Holt (view profile), Samuel Hooley (view profile), Will Hope (view profile), Fred Houghton (view profile), ? Howcroft (view profile), Edward Hudson (view profile), Herbert Hughes (view profile), John Hughes (view profile), Charles Hughes (view profile), James Hullock (view profile), Tommy Hulme (view profile), Robert Hunter (view profile), Robert Hunter (view profile), Glynn Hurst (view profile), Danny Hurst (view profile), James Huyton (view profile), Lincoln Hyde (view profile), Eric Hyde (view profile), William Jackson (view profile), Harold Jackson (view profile), Arnold Jackson (view profile), Phil Jackson (view profile), Kyle Jacobs (view profile), Roly James (view profile), George James (view profile), George Jarrett (view profile), Joseph Jarvis (view profile), Alec Jeffrey (view profile), Fred Jenkinson (view profile), Billy Jepson (view profile), Phil Jevons (view profile), Harry Johnston (view profile), Harold Johnson (view profile), Oli Johnson (view profile), H Johnstone (view profile), Joseph Johnstone (view profile), Walter Jones (view profile), Frederick Jones (view profile), Len Jones (view profile), Paul Jones (view profile), Lea Jones (view profile), Ryan Jones (view profile), P Jones (view profile), Richard Jones (view profile), ? Jones (view profile), Wade Joyce (view profile), Vas Kalogeracos (view profile), Albert Kaye (view profile), Jim Kay (view profile), Jordan Keane (view profile), George Kelly (view profile), Billy Kellock (view profile), Billy Kennedy (view profile), Fred Kennedy (view profile), Gordon Kennedy (view profile), William Kennedy (view profile), Jimmy Kenyon (view profile), Leonard Kerr (view profile), Andy Kilner (view profile), Lewis King (view profile), David Kinnear (view profile), Pat Kinsella (view profile), Norman Kirby (view profile), Jake Kirby (view profile), Harry Kirk (view profile), John Kirton (view profile), Herbert Knowles (view profile), Shefki Kuqi (view profile), Albert Lambourne (view profile), George Langley (view profile), Chris Lawler (view profile), Oswald Laurence (view profile), Norman Lawrence (view profile), Ian Lawther (view profile), Edward Layton (view profile), Jordan Lazenbury (view profile), Billy Lea (view profile), Harold Lea (view profile), Karl Ledsham (view profile), Arthur Lee (view profile), William Lees (view profile), Adam Le Fondre (view profile), E Leicester (view profile), Billy Leigh (view profile), Mark Leigh (view profile), Leonard Leighton (view profile), Benny Lester (view profile), Hugh Lester (view profile), James Lever (view profile), Walter Lewis (view profile), Les Lievesley (view profile), Tom Littler (view profile), R Littlemore (view profile), Ernie Lloyd (view profile), Edward Lloyd (view profile), Brian Lloyd (view profile), Marc Lloyd-Williams (view profile), Frank Lodge (view profile), Bobby Lofthouse (view profile), ? Lomas (view profile), Walter Lumby (view profile), Tommy Lunn (view profile), Alf Lythgoe (view profile), ? McDonald (view profile), George Madden (view profile), James Maden (view profile), Lee Mair (view profile), ? Malkin (view profile), Tony Mallalieu (view profile), Patrick Malone (view profile), George Manley (view profile), Bob Mann (view profile), Sean Mannion (view profile), Bob Manson (view profile), Joe Mantle (view profile), Samuel Marsland (view profile), William Marsland (view profile), John Marshall (view profile), Lee Marshall (view profile), Alfred Martin (view profile), Harold Martin (view profile), Paul Masefield (view profile), G Massey (view profile), H Mathieson (view profile), Richard Maudsley (view profile), Joe Mawson (view profile), Tom McAdam (view profile), Ryan McCann (view profile), William McCombie (view profile), Brian McCord (view profile), Frank McDonough (view profile), David McFetteridge (view profile), Jimmy McGann (view profile), William McGann (view profile), George McGowan (view profile), Brian McGreevey (view profile), Robert McIntosh (view profile), Martin McIntosh (view profile), Derek McInnes (view profile), John McKenna (view profile), Thomas McKiernan (view profile), Peter McLachlan (view profile), Fraser McLachlan (view profile), Bill McNaughton (view profile), Jimmy McNab (view profile), William McRailt (view profile), Leon McSweeney (view profile), David Melville (view profile), Martin Melvin (view profile), Jamie Menagh (view profile), William Mercer (view profile), ? Merrifield (view profile), George Middleton (view profile), Alfred Middleton (view profile), W Miller (view profile), Sam Minihan (view profile), Owen Minshull (view profile), Harold Mitchell (view profile), Jack Mitton (view profile), Howard Moir (view profile), Willie Moir (view profile), William Malloy (view profile), Jimmy Molyneux (view profile), John Monks (view profile), William Moore (view profile), ? Moores (view profile), Amari Morgan-Smith (view profile), William Morrison (view profile), James Morris (view profile), S Morrow (view profile), Billy Morton (view profile), ? Moss (view profile), Bob Mountford (view profile), Jack Muirhead (view profile), Frank Mulhern (view profile), Eddie Mulvey (view profile), Jimmy Mulvaney (view profile), Michael Murphy (view profile), Bob Murray (view profile), George Mycock (view profile), Martin Nash (view profile), Roy Needham (view profile), Harry Newbigging (view profile), Alfred Newman (view profile), Billy Newton (view profile), Frank Newton (view profile), John Nibloe (view profile), Ernest Nixon (view profile), John Nixon (view profile), John Noble (view profile), Patrick Norris (view profile), Joe Norton (view profile), Tommy Nuttall (view profile), Richard O'Brien (view profile), Harold Odenrode (view profile), Sean O'Hanlon (view profile), Joe O'Kane (view profile), William Oldnall (view profile), Ian Ormson (view profile), Jason Oswell (view profile), Patrick Owens (view profile), Edward 'Tussy' Owens (view profile), Bernard Oxley (view profile), Carlton Palmer (view profile), Ash Palmer (view profile), William Parker (view profile), Terry Park (view profile), Stuart Parker (view profile), Keigan Parker (view profile), Thomas Park (view profile), Colin Parry (view profile), Richie Partridge (view profile), Jimmy Pass (view profile), John Paterson (view profile), Michael Paton (view profile), John Patterson (view profile), Mark Payne (view profile), Sanchez Payne (view profile), Jordan Peach (view profile), Bert Pearson (view profile), Albert Pemble (view profile), Keith Pendlebury (view profile), John Pennington (view profile), George Perry (view profile), George Perrins (view profile), Mike Pickering (view profile), George Pilkington (view profile), Anthony Pilkington (view profile), Frank Pimblett (view profile), Thomas Pixton (view profile), Laurie Platts (view profile), William Pollock (view profile), J Pollitt (view profile), Chris Porter (view profile), Trevor Porteous (view profile), John Prentis (view profile), Jack Price (view profile), Ted Price (view profile), Johnny Price (view profile), Tommy Pritchard (view profile), Benjamin Procter (view profile), Peter Proudfoot (view profile), J Pugh (view profile), George Purcell (view profile), Albert Quirk (view profile), J Rainford (view profile), J Ramage (view profile), Fred Ramscar (view profile), Ray Ratcliffe (view profile), H Rathbone (view profile), Matthew Rathbone (view profile), Michael Raynes (view profile), Tommy Read (view profile), Fred Redfern (view profile), Duggie Reid (view profile), James Reid (view profile), Jack 'Baldy' Reynolds (view profile), Arthur Rice (view profile), Billy Richardson (view profile), Roy Richardson (view profile), Tom 'Tex' Rickards (view profile), Fred Ridgway (view profile), Lloyd Rigby (view profile), ? Rigby (view profile), Billy Ritchie (view profile), David Ritchie (view profile), ? Robertson (view profile), Walter Roberts (view profile), Mark Robertson (view profile), J Roberts (view profile), Billy Robinson (view profile), Andy Robinson (view profile), Tommy Robson (view profile), Norman Rodgers (view profile), Mike Rogan (view profile), William Rooke (view profile), Jordan Rose (view profile), Bobby Ross (view profile), ? Ross (view profile), James Rourke (view profile), Jon Routledge (view profile), Tommy Rowe (view profile), Len Rowland (view profile), John Rowlands (view profile), Glenn Rule (view profile), Robert Russell (view profile), Malcolm Russell (view profile), John Rutter (view profile), Hugh Ryden (view profile), Yannick Salem (view profile), Les Samuels (view profile), Joe Sanaghan (view profile), Thomas Sawyers (view profile), Gary Schofield (view profile), John Scholes (view profile), Jimmy Scotson (view profile), Alex Scott (view profile), Ian Scott (view profile), Jimmy Scullion (view profile), Tommy Scurr (view profile), Arthur Seabrook (view profile), Jack Seagrave (view profile), ? Seale (view profile), Andy Seddon (view profile), Harry Seddon (view profile), Mark Sertori (view profile), Jimmy Settle (view profile), Robert Shanks (view profile), Herbert Sharpley (view profile), Ken Shaw (view profile), Ken Shawcross (view profile), Wallis Shelton (view profile), Wayne Shepherd (view profile), George Shepherd (view profile), George Sherwood (view profile), Billy Silto (view profile), Harvey Simmons (view profile), Samuel Simms (view profile), Jimmy Simpson (view profile), Robert Simpson (view profile), Harpal Singh (view profile), Chris Smalley (view profile), Geordie Smith (view profile), Sam Smith (view profile), George Smith (view profile), John Smith (view profile), Bill Smith (view profile), Billy Smith (view profile), Wilf Smith (view profile), Alan Smith (view profile), Jim Smith (view profile), Dave Smith (view profile), Fred Smith (view profile), Fred Smith (view profile), Harry Smith (view profile), James Spencer (view profile), Scott Spencer (view profile), James Spencer (view profile), Frank Spencer (view profile), John Stainsby (view profile), H Stainwright (view profile), Ron Staniforth (view profile), John Stapleton (view profile), Gilbert Steele (view profile), Eddie Steele (view profile), George Stentiford (view profile), Darren Stephenson (view profile), Jimmy Stevenson (view profile), Jack Stevens (view profile), Harry Stock (view profile), Tom Stokes (view profile), Gary Stopforth (view profile), A Stringfellow (view profile), Alex Stuart (view profile), Bob Suart (view profile), Billy Sullivan (view profile), Les Sullivan (view profile), (view profile), David Sunley (view profile), Dan Sutherland (view profile), Danny Swailes (view profile), Andrew Swann (view profile), John Swannell (view profile), Webster Swift (view profile), Bert Swindells (view profile), Tommy Sword (view profile), Bill Tabram (view profile), Phil Tabram (view profile), ? Talbot (view profile), Greg Tansey (view profile), Fred Tarbuck (view profile), Harry Tattersall (view profile), John Taylor (view profile), Samuel Taylor (view profile), Tommy Taylor (view profile), John Thompson (view profile), Bobby Thomson (view profile), Alan Thompson (view profile), Andy Thomas (view profile), Josh Thompson (view profile), Peter Thompson (view profile), Adam Thomas (view profile), E Thompson (view profile), Alex Thomson (view profile), Andy Thorpe (view profile), Ola Tidman (view profile), Maurice Tillotson (view profile), Bill Titterington (view profile), Andy Tod (view profile), Matthew Todd (view profile), Wilf Toman (view profile), G Tomkinson (view profile), Ezekiel Tomlinson (view profile), Billy Tompkinson (view profile), Harry W Topping (view profile), John Torbet (view profile), Alf Townsend (view profile), Derek Trevis (view profile), George Trotter (view profile), Jim Trotter (view profile), James Tunnicliffe (view profile), John Turner (view profile), Cecil Turner (view profile), Joe Turner (view profile), Mark Turner (view profile), Sam Turner (view profile), Paul Turnbull (view profile), Rhys Turner (view profile), ? Turner (view profile), Paul Tutty (view profile), Billy Upton (view profile), Tommy Urmston (view profile), Sid Urwin (view profile), Steve Uzelac (view profile), Roy Vairey (view profile), Walter Vennard (view profile), Aman Verma (view profile), Javan Vidal (view profile), James Vincent (view profile), Jimmy Wainwright (view profile), Syd Waites (view profile), William Walker (view profile), Willis Walker (view profile), Gary Walker (view profile), Robert Wallwork (view profile), Clive Wallace (view profile), Jack Wallwork (view profile), Albert Walmsley (view profile), Jimmy Walsh (view profile), William Walton (view profile), Mike Ward (view profile), Denis Ward (view profile), Ron Ward (view profile), Derrick Ward (view profile), George Warren (view profile), John Wassall (view profile), Tommy Waterall (view profile), Harry Watson (view profile), Fred Watson (view profile), John Watters (view profile), Sam Weaver (view profile), Billy Webster (view profile), Alex Weir (view profile), Andy Welsh (view profile), George West (view profile), Tom West (view profile), George West (view profile), Arthur Wharton (view profile), Ben Whitehouse (view profile), Fred White (view profile), John Whitelaw (view profile), Danny Whitehead (view profile), ? Whitehead (view profile), Aaron Wilbraham (view profile), Peter Wild (view profile), James Wilde (view profile), David Wilkes (view profile), ? Wilks (view profile), Albert Williams (view profile), Bill Williams (view profile), Chris Williams (view profile), Thomas R Williams (view profile), J Williams (view profile), Tommy Williams (view profile), Walter Wilson (view profile), Thomas Wilson (view profile), Billy Wilson (view profile), ? Wilson (view profile), Charles Wilson (view profile), David Wilson (view profile), Brandon Windsor (view profile), Bill Winstanley (view profile), Jarkko Wiss (view profile), E Witterance (view profile), Mickael Wolski (view profile), Billy Woodward (view profile), Arthur Woodcock (view profile), Matt Woods (view profile), Colin Woodthorpe (view profile), ? Woodhouse (view profile), Harry Woods (view profile), Nathan Woolfe (view profile), Joseph Worrall (view profile), Arthur Worsley (view profile), Bert Worsley (view profile), Frank Worthington (view profile), Isaac Wright (view profile), Mark Wroe (view profile), Rodger Wylde (view profile), W Yates (view profile), David Young (view profile), Dick Young (view profile), Alex Young (view profile), Jack Yuill (view profile)

Manager information

Stockport County managers:
Fred Stewart


Grounds we have played on:
Edgeley Park

Stockport County players who have scored hat-tricks against :
Tommy Green - 3 goals on 19th November 1904 [view match]

players who have scored hat-tricks against Stockport County:

Stockport County players who have been sent off against :

players who have been sent off against Stockport County:

Attendance information

Highest attendance at Stockport County:
Lowest attendance at Stockport County:
Highest attendance at :
Lowest attendance at :

Result information

Official games:
Wartime games:
First game:
0-4 at on 5th November 1904 (view match)
Last game:
4-0 at Edgeley Park on 19th November 1904 (view match)
Last Stockport County win:
4-0 at Edgeley Park on 19th November 1904 (view match)
Last draw:
Last win:
4-0 at on 5th November 1904 (view match)

Head to Head vs.

Overall home results

1 1 0 0 4 0

Overall away results

1 0 0 1 0 4

Past meetings

Date Opposition Result
05/11/1904 Manchester United Reserves (A) L 4 - 0
The Lancashire Combination League (view info)
19/11/1904 Manchester United Reserves (H) W 4 - 0
The Lancashire Combination League (view info)
Date Opposition Result Competition  
05/11/1904 Manchester United Reserves (A) L 4 - 0 The Lancashire Combination League view info
19/11/1904 Manchester United Reserves (H) W 4 - 0 The Lancashire Combination League view info